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Stucco: A Long Lasting Home Exterior

Stucco Exteriors

Stucco exteriors can provide your home with a unique look and is a reliable, long lasting material.

When you’re considering updating the exterior of your home or when designing a new house for your family, exploring stucco exteriors provides the unique look and benefits you're looking for in an exterior solution. The properties of the material are a mix of sand and a binding agent such as lime, cement, or even simply water. This material can be used to create texture patterns or be installed for a smooth finish. It is an extremely durable building material both weather resistant and fire retardant, making it a perfect exterior for your mountain home.

Proper use of stucco requires several steps for proper adhesion to the outside surface of your house. Usually, a metal mesh is employed to support the exterior. Stucco is applied on wet and will bind onto a base cost. Usually, three layers of stucco are installed for the best appearance and the sturdiest construction. Drying is a delicate process. The last layer is added to finish off the look you desire.

Stucco exteriors will give you decades of reliable protection for your home as well as years of incomparable beauty. This material is water resistant and durable providing the very best protection and is easy to clean and maintain. The important things to think about when thinking about updating exteriors is the quality of the product. Stucco is timeless.


One of the biggest advantages of stucco exteriors is the variety it offers to the homeowner. You can choose nearly any color in the world and it should work with your installation. Other materials will limit you somewhat when it comes to the available color. If you are trying to match existing walls or are interested in doing something outside of the norm, the color should be a factor you pay close attention to when making your decision. You will also have several choices when it comes to the application itself, including swirled or raked.


Don't overlook the importance of durability when making your siding choice. No one wants to have to replace their siding at the first instance of bad weather. Stucco exteriors are known for their ability to stand up to harsh conditions. Stucco is fire resistant, meaning even the worst disasters your home could befall could very well have less of an effect on your siding. Some estimates place the life of stucco exteriors at around 50 years, which is much more than you're going to get out of comparable alternatives.

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