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Stucco: Choosing Stucco Color

You have many options for changing the color of stucco which includes painting, adding oxide pigments, and even changing up the mixture used in the stucco. Cruz Custom Stucco can help you decide on a color you love.

If you are applying exterior stucco to your home and you don’t like the natural color of the material then painting stucco is an option. There are actually three different ways you can color stucco which include painting, using different stucco mixes, and adding oxide pigments. Before painting existing stucco we will always address any necessary repairs. Repairing damages should be done prior to applying any type of stucco mixture. It is recommended you repair all cracks and apply new stucco before paint.

If you want to paint stucco the best paints to use are acrylic based paints. There are plenty of colors for you to choose from.

There are other ways to choose a color without painting stucco. You can actually add oxide pigment to the stucco mixture prior to applying it to the retaining wall. These pigments are added to the finish coat after the top coat of stucco has finished curing.

Some people want bright white stucco. The only disadvantage of this color stucco in Colorado is that dirt and dust will be more visible and you will need to spray your home down more often. 

Stucco is generally a mixture of lime, sand, and water which is used mainly for coating for walls and ceilings and other decoration purposes.

Stucco is considered one of the the most reliable and durable exterior and interior finishes. Stucco has been there for a long time and has ever since been used for decorative and architectural finishing.

If you are in Colorado or New Mexico and looking to stucco your home, please give us a call.

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